About Us

Dr. David Hall, Jr. is a general dentist that graduated from UNC Dental School in 1996.

"My father was an architectural illustrator, so I grew up seeing and understanding both function and beauty in nature and in buildings. When I graduated dental school, my first passion was in beauty. I took courses in cosmetics in New York where I was able to learn from some of the nation’s best in smile design.

As my practice developed and my experience grew, I realized that function and the hinge from which our mouth swings needed more education. For the past 5 years I’ve studied in Florida with Pete Dawson learning more about function.

My passion now is to blend what I’ve learned into the ability to diagnose and think long-term about what is in the patient’s best interest. It’s easy to cut down teeth for veneers and improve beauty quickly, but if the function is not studied, then the length of time or the function of those teeth may be in jeopardy long term. Dentistry today is amazing and exciting, but patients have to understand the consequences for what they are investing in.

My office is geared towards education of our patients so that they understand what good dentistry is before work is done. We want patients to have the beauty and function of their
teeth for a lifetime. We want patients to value their good health."

Dr. Hall